Thursday, October 16, 2003
I just saw your note today (10_16_03) from Thu Oct 9th to post what Rose and I have done so far.. sorry.
Here are our Draft survey questions...
1. What do you see “Six Sigma” primarily as?

q Quality management tool
q Profit enhancement tool
q A vision to achieve perfection

2. How passionate or motivated are you about “Six Sigma”?

q Very Much
q Somewhat
q A little
q Not at all

3. How differently do you view “Six Sigma” compared to conventional management tools/methods such as “TQM” (Total Quality Management) in your function area of GE?

q Almost the same
q Somewhat the same
q A little different
q Essentially different

4. To what extent do you believe “Six Sigma” has contributed to meeting the financial goals in your function area?

q Very much helpful
q Somewhat helpful
q A little helpful
q Not at all helpful

5. Do you believe “Six Sigma” is the BEST way to meet financial goals?

q Yes
q No
q No comment

6. If your answer is “No” to Question 3, please specify which alternative you think may be superior.


7. Do you believe it is necessary to apply “Six Sigma” to all functional areas?

q Yes
q No

8. Do you think “Six Sigma” should ever be used?

q Yes
q No

9. How would you rate the cost effectiveness of ‘Six Sigma’ in your functional area?

q Very Effective
q Somewhat Effective
q Poor
q Very Poor

10. What is your rational accepted percentage range of “Six Sigma” Cost / Total Operation Cost for the continual existence and reinforcement of “Six Sigma” in your function area under current circumstances?

q <= 5%
q 5%--10%
q 10%-15%
q 15%-20%
q >=20%

11. What is your rational accepted percentage range of “Six Sigma” Employee Engagement Number / Total Employee Number” for the continual existence and reinforcement of “Six Sigma” in your function area under current circumstances??

q <= 5%
q 5%--10%
q 10%-15%
q 15%-20%
q >=20%

12. What percentage of a normal workday do you spend away from your regular activity on Six Sigma related projects?

q <=10%
q 10%-20%
q 20%-40%
q 40%-60%
q 60%-80%
q >=80%

13. Is there a point beyond which you feel further investment in ‘Six Sigma’ will bring decreased results?

q Yes
q No

Please complete the following

14. Your function area (code):_____________________________

15. The size of your function area: __________________________

16. How many years “Six Sigma”: ____________

Thank you for your cooperation. We are interested in any further comments, concerns or suggestions that you have in regards to “Six Sigma”:

Wednesday, October 15, 2003
  If anyone is searching for a new career path or is interested in knowing how their personality/interests might fit in with certain careers, the free test on this web site might be worth a look.

I just did the free sample test and it lead to a few interesting careers I might not have thought of previously. It also showed that I'm on the right track in the types of jobs that I'm interested in right now (i.e. PR positions).  
Tuesday, October 14, 2003
  Thought this was an interesting article that relates to both of our current classes:

New thoughts on how firms should view employees
By Jon Bonn

Oct. 8 With a few signs of hope in the U.S. job market and many employees
restless in their jobs, companies need to start thinking about how to keep
their best workers from leaving. How an employee feels about his workplace
can be key to whether he stays, but on that point employers often seem
clueless, human-resources experts say. Click Here 
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